The DC metropolitan area has a wealth of activities and entertainment options. Museums, theaters, concerts, sports, and nightlife are only some of what the city has to offer.

WETA Community Calendar
WETA, the leading public broadcast radio station in the DC region, offers a calendar of cultural events in the area.

National Park Service
The National Park Service (NPS) maintains parks, memorials, historical sites (e.g. battlefields), cemeteries, and monuments all over the United States, with many in the capital area. Parks are generally free and open to the public. The NPS provides a list of parks in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Marine Corps Parades
During the summer, the Marines present two parades each week. The Evening Parade is held at the Marine Barracks every Friday evening, and reservations are required. The Marines also present the Sunset Parade on Tuesday evenings at the Marine Corps War Memorial, and no reservations are necessary.

Tours of the Capitol
Take a public tour of the Capitol building. Additional guided tours with Hill staff can be arranged through your Representative or Senator’s office.

The Washington Post’s Entertainment Guide
The Washington Post offers an entertainment guide that includes everything from museums and galleries to what’s on TV.

Interns’ Guide to Washington
Featuring resources for dining and entertainment, the Washington Post provides interns with information on inexpensive venues and activities.