There is no comprehensive database of open staff positions. Because each Member makes independent decisions about hiring and firing, there is no uniform or centralized process. The best advice is to read all of this material, use your own best judgment, and make contacts. Provided you have some useful skills to offer, walking the halls and sending out numerous resumes will usually do the trick. Persistence is the one rule that works reliably. As noted earlier, we do not endorse the sites or links provided below. They have variable yet valuable advice on how to find a job on Capitol Hill.

Job Guides and Helpful Tips

The Capitol Hill Job Guide
A resource on types of jobs available, how to find a job on Capitol Hill, and what to expect in the interview process.

Finding a Job on Capitol Hill
Information on staff positions, tips on finding and applying for a job, interview strategies, and additional resources for Hill employment.

Job Listings and Classifieds

Work for Congress
A resource for job banks on Capitol Hill as well as links to listings of job openings. Also information on the typical positions found in a Congressional office.

The Hill‘s Employment Classifieds
The classifieds section of The Hill newspaper contains advertisements for Congressional staff positions.

RCJobs: Capitol Jobs
Offers job listings for a variety of jobs in the government/public policy arena. Jobs posted include Congressional staff positions as well as opportunities at federal departments or interest groups.

HillZoo Jobs
This page focuses mostly on entry level jobs and internships.

U.S.House of Representatives Employment Opportunities
The House Chief Administrative Officer’s employment website.

Senate Placement Office
The official Senate employment site, it contains a brochure on how to apply for a Senate position, a required application form and a listing of current Senate staff openings.