Internships in Congressional offices are handled individually by each office. There are three types of Congressional offices: Members’ personal offices, committee offices, and leadership offices (e.g. Senate Republican Policy Committee). Positions in committee and leadership offices are limited. Leadership offices are also politically sensitive operations where political strategies are developed. (Source: The Insider’s Guide to Political Internships: What to Do Once You’re In by Christopher Porter)

As most interns work in a Member’s personal office, the best way to find an internship is to search a Representative or Senator’s website for information. Most offices give preference to an applicant from their home state or district. Links to both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate web directories are provided below.

Many committees have internship programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Information can usually be found on the committee website. As with internships in Congressional offices, each committee has its own internship program. Prospective interns may wish to research the requirements for each committee and apply for the positions that best suit them.
Internship duties generally include opening and sorting mail, answering the phone, conducting research, and assisting other staff members. Most positions are unpaid, although academic credit may be awarded by the student’s educational institution. Some students may elect to seek an internship position with a committee or an agency such as the Congressional Budget Office or the General Accounting Office.

* U.S. House of Representatives Web Directory
Directory of the website URLs of House Members.

*U.S. Senate Directory
Mailing addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses for Members of the U.S. Senate.

* U.S. House of Representatives Committee Directory
Directory of web addresses for U.S. House committees.

* Capitol Hill Job Guide
Information on the various staff positions and internships available at Congressional offices. Also tips on how to apply and what to expect.

* Suggestions for Washington, DC, Interns
Information and tips for Washington, DC, interns from the Career Services Department at Rutgers University.

Students can gain valuable insights on the ins and outs of Washington politics without working directly on Capitol Hill. Several programs offer internships with federal departments as well as private non-profit organizations and interest groups. These can also greatly benefit the policy-minded student.

*Everett Public Service Internship Program
10-week internship program in New York City or Washington, DC, with a variety of organizations. The work is full time and compensated at $230 per week for 10 weeks. Weekly Everett Intern lectures and meetings are required.

*White House Internships
Information on applying for a White House internship.

*Executive Department Internships
Links to the internship sections of several executive department websites.

*Policy Organization Internships
Lists of policy organizations in DC that offer internships to students.