House Officers

The Clerk of the House creates and retains a permanent set of the books and documents generated by the House including the official Journal as well as the daily Congressional Record. the office also manages the congressional office and supervises the staff of any deceased, resigned, or expelled Member until a successor is elected, etc.

The Sergeant at Arms attends and supervises security for the House during its sittings and maintains order within the House Chamber, under the direction of the Speaker or other presiding officer.

The House Chaplain is available for consultation with all members of the House and offers a prayer at the commencement of each day’s sitting of the House.

Senate Officers

The Sergeant at Arms is the protocol and chief law enforcement officer of the Senate and the principle administrative manager for most support services.

The Secretary of the Senate supervises a number of offices and services, covering clerks, curators, the disbursement of payrolls, the maintenance of public records, etc.

Each party has a secretary, who ensures that pages are at their posts and that cloakrooms are staffed, informs Senators of all pending business, etc.

The Senate Chaplain opens each day’s session with a prayer and otherwise provides spiritual counseling to Senators and their families and staffs.