Want to know what is going on in the Senate or House of the US Congress? The links below will take you to the most current information available from official sources within the Congress:

House Resources

Office of the House Majority Whip:

  • “The WhipCast” is a smartphone and tablet app that provides the user with Floor updates, leadership press releases, policy briefs, and a host of other materials.

Office of the House Minority Whip:

  • “The Daily Whip” provides a brief House Floor schedule for the current day and, at times, a summary and key issues regarding bills to be considered that day.

Office of the House Clerk:

  • The Office of the House Clerk maintains a Web site that contains such features as a detailed log of House Floor proceedings for the current legislative day and a feature allowing the user to view House floor proceedings for the previous seven days.

Senate Resources

Senate Republican Conference:

  • Floor Updates” provides a rough schedule of Senate Floor activity, which can be viewed by the day or month.

Senate Democratic Caucus:

  • The “Senate Floor” section includes a news feed detailing the Senate’s latest activity, upcoming sessions, and the results of roll call votes.

US Senate:

  • The Senate’s Web site allows users to, among other things, view and track recent Senate floor activity for any of the previous five days and search for all bills, proceedings in the Congressional Record and editions of the Daily Digest (a summary of the day’s floor proceedings) for a specified date.

Other Capitol Hill Resources

  • “Thomas” is an Internet window into the Library of Congress. The Thomas site provides information about federal legislation from 1973 to the present. It also is a good launching site for historical documents and other information about the US federal government.