Heath Care Debate 

Julie Rovner of National Public Radio

Charles Boustany
Shelley Moore Capito
Nathan Deal
John Shadegg

Xavier Becerra
Marion Berry
Kathy Castor
Allyson Schwartz

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Rep. Charles Boustany
"I applaud my colleagues for wanting an American solution.  But your actions in Congress belie what your words are.  There needs to be flexibility.  You need to be more flexible in looking at a wide range of options that create choices for Americans.  ‘Cause that’s the American way. And the final ingredient is we’ve got to put the patient back in control, the family back in control of their health care destiny."       

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito
"But most of all, our hearts are in our districts.  And we’re going to vote our districts at the end of the day."              
Rep. Nathan Deal
"We all recognize that if a system is broken, just simply putting more money into it is not going to solve that problem.  And by and large all, I’ve heard my colleagues on the other side say is, if we just put a little more money into the programs that we have there it’ll all be solved." 


Rep. John Shadegg
"Today in America, third parties rather than patients control health care.  Whether that third party is an employer, a health care plan agent or a government bureaucrat, you are robbed of the ability of making health care choices for yourself.  If this were true in any other part of our lives we, as Americans, wouldn’t tolerate it."   

Rep. Xavier Becerra
"We’re not looking for Canada’s solution or England’s or Germany’s.  We want an American solution.  And Americans can come together and find that solution."                    
Rep. Marion Berry
"The Medicare cost of administration is about one-sixth of what private insurance companies do.  And the federal government pays a huge subsidy to the private insurance plans to give them even more profit just to get them to write these plans.  None of this makes any sense.  It’s all your tax dollars." 

kathy_castor.jpg Rep. Kathy Castor
"When you look at the great successes in health care in America, it’s been led by Democrats.  The fantastic safety net of Medicare for our seniors.  Medicaid." 

Rep. Allyson Schwartz
"There’s a way that all Americans will be able get health insurance coverage.  Make it accessible.  Make it affordable, that would cover most of their health care concerns.  We are looking for a variety of solutions."