Economy Debate 

Ron Brownstein of The National Journal

Eric Cantor
Cathy McMorris-Rodgers
Adam Putnam
Paul Ryan

Rob Andrews
Artur Davis
Rahm Emanuel
Steve Israel

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adam_putnam.jpg Rep. Adam Putnam
"We believe that we have to unleash that creative spirit.  We believe that we can rely on the private sector with help from the government to do those things which individuals cannot do for themselves." 
cathy_mcmorris_rodgers.jpg Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers
"Our colleagues on the other side of the aisle often offer solutions that are based in Washington, D.C. – either a greater role for the federal government or more spending at the federal level, and I couldn’t disagree more." 

Rep. Paul Ryan
"We Republicans believe that the more money a worker has in their paycheck, the more freedom they have for themselves and their family.  That’s good for the economy."

Eric Cantor Rep. Eric Cantor
"What we’ve got to do in order to compete though is make sure we don’t beat ourselves at home.  If you look at the litigation environment in this country, if you look at the overly burdensome regulations in this country, if you look at the tax structure, we are tying the hands of our companies behind their backs."  
Artur Davis Rep. Artur Davis
"If we are serious about closing the skills gap, if we’re serious about competing with the rest of the world, we’ve got to put education first and put the priorities around work force development." 
Steve Israel Rep. Steve Israel
"The argument that we make is that rather than investing in industry subsidies, $14 billion to big oil companies, $20 billion to college lenders, let’s instead make investments in truly expanding our economy with infrastructure growth, with job training, with green jobs, with regaining our manufacturing capability, with better trade levels." 
Rob Andrews
Rep. Rob Andrews
"Our answer is yes.  To combat global warming we support mandatory carbon caps." 
Rahm Emanuel

Rep. Rahm Emanuel
"If we continue to have an open trade system that people feel is going to cost them their standard of living, you cannot conduct a national economic strategy without the support of the American people."