Members of Congress are quickly signing on to the latest advances in technology and communications media. Facebook and Twitter, e-newsletters and tele-townhalls—each new mode of communicating brings constituents more information, more quickly, and more portably. Members of Congress, staffers, and constituents have the ability to receive information where and when they want it. Recognizing this trend, the Congressional Institute is now pleased to offer its book Surviving Inside Congress as an ebook.

Surviving Inside Congress provides essential and non-partisan educational information to new Congressional staff and fills in the gaps for those who are not so new to the Hill. Many books are written with advice for new Members of Congress, and no doubt they would benefit from this book. However, Surviving Inside Congress is the first publication of its kindto give staff detailed insight into what is expected and required of those who are the glue that holds the institution of Congress together.

Most new members of Congressional staffs are ill equipped to the meet the diverseand critical needs of elected officials and their constituents. There are no comprehensive training programs, and no curriculum that adequately addresses the multiple roles they will play and functions they will perform. This is due in large measure to the uniqueness of these roles and the environment in whichtheir work will be done. As a result, the academic credentials and professional experience they bring with them will have little relevance to the tasks they’re about to undertake. Surviving Inside Congress tries to address these challenges.

Although the first edition of Surviving Inside Congress addressed challenges that staff might face, Congress evolves so quickly, and the second edition reflects that fact. This new edition addresses many political events that have shaped how Congress works that have occurred since the first publication: the passage of health care reform, the development of the Tea Party movement, and the 2010 Congressional elections, among others. Additionally, it includes more recent research on Congressional communications, especially in the field of new media and technology like tele-town halls. Perhaps most importantly, it includes a whole new chapter on Congressional polarization, describing its development and proposing remedies for it. Allthese additions will provide readers a unique perspective to help them understand and effectively respond to recent developments in American politics.

The Surviving Inside Congress ebook is currently available for $9.99 at Amazon and it is anticipated that it will be available at the Apple iBookstore soon. Printed copies areavailable for $19.95 through the Congressional Institute website.

Foundedin 1987, the Congressional Institute, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) corporation dedicated to helping Congress better serve its constituents and helping their constituents better understand the operations of the national legislature.