Weekend Push Planned on Syria Resolution as Many in Congress Waver (National Journal)

It is unclear whether a resolution to attack Syria will pass either or both Chambers of Congress, so the Obama Administration continues to make its case. Members of Congress are doing a lot of listening in these last days of the August recess, listening to Administration officials in briefings and their constituents back home. Even Russia is trying to get the ears of lawmakers, as ambassadors have been charged with the task of lobbying against an attack.

President Obama Could Lose Big in Syria in House (Politico)

How much clout does the President have with Congress? The votes on the resolution to strike Syria could indicate the strength of the President’s influence, but it is too early to predict the outcome.

Obama Adviser: President Doesn’t Intend to Use Force without Congress (Washington Post blog)

The current and past Presidents have claimed substantial authority to launch attacks without congressional approval. Since the President is seeking congressional authorization in this situation, many have asked whether he would attack even if a resolution failed. One adviser says he will not, even though he maintains he has the power to do so.

Senate Panel Backs Resolution of Use of Force Against Syria (Wall Street Journal)

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution permitting the use of force against Syria by a vote of 10 to 7. It would forbid the use of ground troop and limit the strike to 60 days (or 90, if the President determines that would be necessary). Vote tally: Seven Democrats, three Republicans for; two Democrats, five Republicans against.

Amash Invokes Gandalf Against Syria Resolution (The Hill)

And for a little levity on Friday: Representative Justin Amash took to Twitter to suggest that his followers create a Lord of the Rings meme coopting Gandalf’s fight with the balrog for his fight against the Syria resolution. (Although this might seem trivial, humorous and memorable messages could have serious impacts.)