The biggest story in Washington by far was Senator Ted Cruz’s talk-athon, an epic 21-hour speech against Obamacare and for Green Eggs and Ham. The Senate is taking up a House-passed continuing resolution (CR) with a provision that defunds Obamacare, the Democrats’ most significant legislative achievement since Johnson’s Administration, or perhaps even FDR’s New Deal. Senator Cruz said he engaged in the gambit to convince fellow Republicans to vote against cloture later this week.

The Hill: Cruz Ends Marathon Obamacare Protest After More than 21 Hours

If you think that Senator Cruz was talking to an empty chamber, don’t forget that the Democrats had to provide Senators to preside over the body. (Remember: Senators aren’t college students—they need their sleep!)

Wall Street Journal: Cruz’s Democratic Witnesses

If you would like to re-enact this this historic occasion, you can print out what has been published so far. More to come—stay tuned!

Washington Post: Transcript: Senator Ted Cruz’s Filibuster Against Obamacare

And once you are done with that, you and your friends can debate on whether or not Senator Cruz’s speech qualifies as a filibuster.

National Journal: Don’t Call It a Filibuster

And then you and your friends can debate whether or not to cut debate time short, which is what Senate Republicans are considering, so as to give their counterparts in the House more time to consider whatever may come from the chamber.

Roll Call: Senate Votes 100-0 to Take Up CR as Cruz Shows Signs of Bending on Schedule