Senator Ted Cruz is probably still limping around Capitol Hill a day after he ended his 21-hour speech against Obamacare, and everybody continues to talk about him. The talk-athon will not prevent the Democrats from providing funding for Obamacare, so what did he gain from it?

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Most of the political establishment probably just wants to move on from Senator Cruz’s speech, so now everyone is wondering: What next? Tomorrow, the Senate is almost certain to pass a continuing resolution that strips the anti-Obamacare language from the House-passed version, and then set November 15, not December 15, as the expiration date. This leaves House of Representatives leadership trying to find a way to amend the bill in a way that satisfies enough Members of their party and their opponents, the President and Senate.

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As a fitting symbol of the Federal government’s dysfunction, the city of Washington would have to shutdown if elected officials do not get their act together. The Congress has direct and exclusive control over the city, so its spending is directly related to the Federal appropriations process. Mayor Vincent Gray of Washington is trying to forestall the shutdown of the city by declaring all government services “essential” and not subject to furloughs.

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