The House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution (CR) that funded the government but also delayed the enactment of Obamacare and repealed its medical device tax. On Monday afternoon, the Senate rejected the anti-Obamacare provisions, sending a “clean” CR—one that simply provides government funding—back to the House. It is now the House’s turn to act and it is unclear what the result will be as of this writing.

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With the ball in the House’s court, Speaker John Boehner will decide to permit a vote on the CR that comes before the Chamber, whatever it might look like. He is in an utterly thankless position: Does he stick his right flank and pursue a more conservative CR, which will likely result in a shutdown, or does he court Democratic votes, which would keep the government open, but ignite the far-right’s ire?

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Whose shutdown is it anyways? That’s the big question that will be played out over the next several days. There will be no shortage of columnists and pundits offering their opinions, but ultimately, the American people will decide.

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Even if the government doesn’t shutdown, what comes from Congress tonight won’t be a permanent fix. There will still plenty left to do. Will Congress and the President be up for the challenge?

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