Folks, the government’s still shutdown, and there’s been no agreement yet on how to end it. However, there is one interesting procedural gambit brewing worth noting. The Democrats are reportedly considering filing a discharge petition to vote on a clean continuing resolution (CR). When a committee sits on a piece of legislation for a certain number of days, Members are able to file a discharge petition, which, when endorsed by a majority of the Representatives, removes the bill from the committee and allows it to be brought to the Floor for consideration. Discharge petitions are rarely successful because they minority party usually files them, requiring some of the majority in effect to vote against their leadership.

Politico: Democrats Tap Procedural Trick to Force House CR Vote

Of course, as the shutdown drags on, Federal workers lose out on their wages. However, the government usually passes legislation providing the money that they would have earned if they had been at work per usual. The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on such a bill on Saturday.

The Hill: House to Vote on Back Pay for Furloughed Government Workers

Although about 800,000 Federal employees are temporarily out of work, this shutdown has been great for the legendary musical satirists the Capitol Steps.

WaPo: Government Shutdown Pushes Capitol Steps Satire Troupe into Comedy Overdrive

Since we have to blame someone for the gridlock, National Journal asked its readers to name names. The publication found out that it was to blame.

National Journal: Blame Your Favorite Scapegoat for Dysfunctional Politics

Pundits have warned that America’s financial problems will have international consequences. They were right: American military cemeteries overseas, popular tourist attractions, have been closed.

Roll Call: Shutdown Reaches All the Way to…Belgium?