Members of Congress usually love to head back to their states and districts on the weekends—especially a long one like this—but many are probably sticking around, since there seems to be some movement on the twin fiscal crises of the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. Yesterday evening the President had a meeting with House of Representatives Republican leadership, which many described as being positive, even though no agreement was reached. Earlier this morning, the President also met with Senate Republicans, who will be crucial to passing any, even though they are in the minority.

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The two sides are starting to talk not a moment too soon, since the public doesn’t like either of them much.

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While Republicans and Democrats are still working out some kind of solution to the impasse, House Republicans are continuing their strategy of passing bills that fund the government piecemeal. This is their 14th bill, although the government should be funded with only 12 bills. Democrats have rejected past efforts to fund the government bit by bit.

The Hill: House Funds Nuclear Security Programs with 14th ‘Mini’ Spending Bill

Everyone has been buzzing about how time is running out to raise the debt ceiling before the Treasury needs congressional authority to borrow more. But no one needs to fret, since time has actually stopped on Capitol Hill. A number of its timepieces need to be wound manually, so with their curators furloughed, they are only correct twice a day. No word from the country’s creditors as to whether they would accept this as a valid excuse for non-payment.

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