Welcome back, Federal government! Congress finally passed a bill so agencies could start working again. It also allows the country to take on additional debt, which prevents the nation from defaulting on its interest payments.

Roll Call: Default Averted; House Votes to Reopen Government

Woops. We’ve got another Federal budget showdown three months from now, since the law only funds the government until January 15. And then a couple weeks later, Congress has to deal with the debt limit again, since the provisions they passed yesterday expire on February 8.

National Journal: The Next Budget Crisis Is Only 90 Days Away

At least the lawmakers have started working on it. Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray are leading a committee dedicated to working out a long-term deal to enact more sustainable budgetary policies, and they met for breakfast on Thursday morning to address the challenge. Can they do it?

Washington Examiner: Hours After Deal Is Signed, Budget Negotiators Start Work to Avoid the Next Showdown

Maybe the new negotiators will be able to use the wisdom gained from this debacle to ensure the success of their work. But what has Congress learned from this?

Politico: What Have We Learned?

President Obama seems to want to put this episode behind him as he indicated he has number of items he would like to see Congress address, including immigration reform. After this fight, it would be practically shocking if Washington addressed major issues between now and the end of the year or before the next fiscal fight.

Associated Press: Obama Slams “Unnecessary Damage” from Government Shutdown

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