The House of Representatives suffered two losses last week. Former Speaker Tom Foley and the current Representative C.W. Bill Young of Florida both died on Friday.

The Hill: Representative C.W. Bill Young, Longest-Serving House Republican, Dies at 82

National Journal: Former Speaker Tom Foley Dies

Although the House of Representatives is out of session, their colleagues have paid tribute to their memories.

Speaker Boehner Remembers Representative C.W. Bill Young

Speaker Thomas S. Foley

Former House Republican Leader Bob Michel remembered Speaker Foley with particular affection, noting the consideration he extended to the opposition. For instance, one seemingly small example was Foley’s suggestion that he and Michel meet weekly to discuss House business—and the Speaker even offered to meet in Michel’s offices. Michel commented, “so far as I know the regular meetings Tom and I had in our office have not been repeated since.”

Washington Post: Tom Foley’s Passing Recalls the Bipartisan Spirit of a Bygone Era

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