In addition to problems with’s rollout, the Administration and Democrats in general a facing accusations that they lied to the public over whether or not citizens would have to change insurance plans. One of the Democrats’ main talking points of the healthcare legislation was that those who were satisfied with their insurance would not have to change it. However, many Americans have received notifications from their health insurance companies indicating that their coverage would be terminated since the plans do not meet the minimum requirements specified by the law. In response, Republicans are proposing a law allowing the public to keep their insurance. A couple Senate Democrats have supported the bill and others have proposed a different one like it. The President has apologized to those who lost their plans and said that his Administration is reviewing ways the Executive Branch can legally allow them to retain coverage.

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As Democrats scramble to fix ObamaCare, many find themselves running away from a program they defended during the government shutdown, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. McConnell sat down veteran columnist Peggy Noonan to get his take on Republican infighting, the Tea Party movement, the shutdown, elections and ObamaCare.

Wall Street Journal: ‘I’m Gonna Be the Republican Nominee’

Minority Leader McConnell pointed out that to really make changes to ObamaCare they will have to secure both the Senate and Presidency. Following the government shutdown, many wrote off the Republicans’ chances of taking the Senate and some even talked about the House being in play. However, Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center has recently suggested things might not be so bad for the conservatives.

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Finally, Washingtonians have something great to celebrate: beloved Hill Mexican restaurant Tortilla Cost turns 25 this year. It’s a colorful little eatery, just a couple blocks from the Cannon House Office Building, frequented by Members of Congress, staff, lobbyists…and interns. House Budget Committee Chairman and former VP candidate Paul Ryan was a waiter there. The queso dip is very good.

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