Today the Obama Administration announced that just over 106,000 people have signed up for health insurance plans through both the Federal- and state-run marketplaces. This is a fifth of their goal for October. Less than 30 percent of the enrollees signed up through the faulty website

National Journal: It’s Official: Obamacare Enrollment Is Super Low

The low enrollment numbers have been released at a time when there is substantial pressure for the Administration to fix another political debacle: the cancellation of insurance plans despite the Democrats’ claim that those who liked their insurance could keep it. Many Americans are infuriated by this, prompting Republicans and Democrats to try to address the cancellations. On Friday the House will vote on a Republican-sponsored bill to restore the plans. House Democratic leaders have pledged to oppose the bill even though the Administration has not yet released its solution to the problem. If the White House doesn’t produce anything, some House Democrats might be forced to choose between pleasing the public or hoping that the Administration will have a plan in the future.

Roll Call: Democratic Leaders Will Oppose Upton’s Obamacare Bill

The Hill: House Dems About to “Go Crazy”

Although Obamacare is still dominating the news, other things are going on on the Hill. The budget conference committee publicly met again today, but there was little to suggest that what a final accord will look like. The director of the Congressional Budget Office Doug Elmendorff briefed the Members about the country’s economic and budgetary outlook.

Politico: Scant Progress on Budget Negotiating Panel

CBO: Meeting with the Budget Conference Committee

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