Although the President has promised to get going by the end of the month, he is still facing a bit of discontent in his party.  Democratic Members of Congress, particularly those facing re-election next year, are offering various kinds of legislation that would tweak Obamacare, including, for instance, extending the enrollment period for health insurance plans and allowing insurance companies to offer plans that failed to meet the law’s standards.

The Hill: Rebellion Brews Over O-Care Fix

As the budget conference committee continues to plug away on its work, various important Republicans voiced their opinions on what the deal should look like. A number of Republicans from the House Appropriations Committee sent a letter to the conference committee urging them to come to an accord soon, lest the budget process suffer “extremely damaging repercussions”. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke with House Republicans today to once again argue in favor of keeping the spending limits already in place. Democrats have repeatedly argued in favor of raising them (plus more revenues) and some Republicans (especially on the Appropriations committee and those favoring a large defense budget) have joined them (at least on the spending end—not necessarily on the revenues).

National Journal: Appropriators Warn Budget Conference—Again

Roll Call: McConnell Stands By Sequester Level in House GOP Meeting

Back in the Seante, Majority Leader Harry Reid has once again floated the idea of using the “nuclear option” to limit the filibuster on judicial nominees. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissed Reid’s suggestion saying that threats to use the filibuster in the past have just amounted to threats.

Politico: Harry Reid: Actively Weighing “Nuclear Option”

And if it appears that all is lost on Capitol Hill, remember that legislative activity is still possible.

National Journal: Congress Shows the Art of the Possible Is Still in Vogue

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