House Votes on Permanent Internet Tax Ban

On Tuesday, the House passed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act by voice vote. This bill would make the 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act permanent, extending the ban on federal, state, and local taxation of access to the Internet, which is set to expire on November 1. It would also ends taxes on Internet access in seven states that preceded the 1998 law.

Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was the primary sponsor on the legislation. According to the National Journal, Chairman Goodlatte said the bill “prevents a surprise tax hike on Americans’ critical services this fall,” and that “it also maintains unfettered access to one of the most unique gateways to knowledge and the engine of self-improvement in all of human history.”

Some Democrats voiced their complaints with the permanent nature of the bill because it could impede state’s taxing abilities in the future. Representative Judy Chu of California said, “A permanent moratorium would impede on the state or local government’s ability to make taxing decisions that are right for them.” Despite the objections, the Democrats allowed to legislation to pass with the voice vote.

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Signatures Submitted to Allow Vote on Dividing California into 6 States

Timothy Draper, billionaire founder of a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, submitted 1.3 million signatures to state officials on Tuesday to put his proposal to break California into six states on ballots in 2016. According to Draper his plan would “create six more responsive, representative governments.”

Opponents of the plan claim that there is small chance it will gain the support of voters, and even if it did pass in 2016 would require approval by Congress. According to Steven Maviglio, a Democratic political strategist who partnered with Republican strategist Joe Rodota to form a group opposed to Draper’s proposal, “This is a colossal and divisive waste of time, energy, and money that will hurt the California Brand.” He then added, “It has zero chance of passage.”

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