House GOP Prepares Energy Votes

On Monday, The Hill reported that House Republicans plan to vote on a package of energy bills on Thursday that have not yet made it to the Senate Floor. They explained that one goal of putting the legislation to a vote is to show that the GOP wants to challenge and counteract the President’s energy policies.

The package is made up thirteen bills, including approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, increases in drilling for natural gas and oil, and speeding up natural gas exports. The ultimate goal of these measures is to lower domestic energy prices. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, in a memo sent to House Republicans earlier in September, said, “We must enact policies that encourage an American energy revolution.” He further wrote, “That is why we will send to the Senate a single, common-sense energy plan comprised of House-passed bills focusing on production, infrastructure, reliability and efficiency.”

The Hill: Week Ahead: House GOP Prepares Barrage of Energy Votes

Politico Poll: Voters Support Republicans on Immigration in Midterms

On Monday, Politico released the results of a poll taken earlier this month, which asked potential voters in competitive House and Senate races questions about the issues that will impact how they cast their ballots in November. The polling group was equally comprised of Democrats and Republicans, thirty-five percent each, with thirty percent self-identifying as independent or unaffiliated. When asked, “do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling immigration,” thirty six percent either “strongly” or “somewhat” approved, while sixty four percent “somewhat” or “strongly” disapproved.

Politico also reported that the voters polled said that, by a narrow margin, they trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle immigration. These results follow a September 6 announcement that the White House will not take any Executive action on immigration this year, which has been interpreted as a way to protect vulnerable Senate Democrats from any potential fallout over any potentially unpopular action.

The survey found immigration to be a key issue this election, with 75 percent of voters questioned answering that comprehensive immigration reform will be “important” in determining which candidate to support in this year’s elections. Sixty-six percent support comprehensive immigration reform, with only 33 opposing it. In one of the more controversial topics concerning immigration this year, 49 percent of the voters supported deporting unaccompanied minors following their judicial hearings, while 29 percent support allowing them to stay and 20 percent “don’t know.”

Politico: Competitive U.S. House & Senate Poll

Politico: Politico Poll: GOP Has Edge on Immigration In Midterms

Speaker Boehner to Give Speech on Economy Thursday Afternoon

Speaker of the House John Boehner of Ohio released a short video on Monday to promote a talk he will give at the American Enterprise Institute on Thursday at 2:15 PM EDT. In his “Five Points Speech,” Speaker Boehner will “lay out his vision for a stronger, more prosperous America.” The speech will be available to watch live at

Speaker John Boehner: So We’ve Got Five Things

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