With both congressional dysfunction and disapproval ratings at an all-time highs, it is time for legislative reform. The Congressional Institute supports the idea that Congress should create a bipartisan House-Senate joint committee to reform the legislative process. Others share this idea, and it has been catching on in the media recently. Below is a list of media articles on the proposal.

Media Features

TIME: Here’s How to Reform Congress to Make It Actually Work

Washington Monthly: Tomorrow’s Congress Can Take Shape Today

RealClearPolicy: Creating the Congress America Deserves

Bloomberg BNA: Ring In Fiscal New Year Jan. 1, One Budget Process Idea

Washington Times: Finally Reforming Congress

Washington Monthly: A Civil Congress? Yes, It’s Possible—and Here’s How

Peoria Journal Star: Letter: Governing Cannot Happen without Mutual Respect, Trust

The Ripon Forum: Congress, Heal Thyself

Esquire: How to Fix Congress Now

Peoria Journal Star: Can Congress Be Fixed? U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood Champions a Bipartisan Effort to Try

1470WMBD: LaHood Introduces Measure to Reform Congress

1240WTAX: LaHood Spurs Congressional Reform

WLDS1180: LaHood Presents Congress of Tomorrow Project on WLDS

The McDonough County Voice: LaHood Proposes Congress of Tomorrow

Statements of Support from Organizations

Congressional Management Foundation: Statement on the Proposed Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress

Bipartisan Policy Center: Joint Committee Legislation Would Enable Needed Reforms

Press Releases

Congressional Institute Praises Introduction of Resolution to Create Committee to Reform Congress

Rep. Darin LaHood: LaHood and Lipinski Introduce Measure to Reform Congress

Rep. Daniel Lipinski: Reps. Lipinski and LaHood Launch Bold Initiative to Fix Congress So It Works Effectively for the American People; Call on Peers to Join Them

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