Plans to Hold Government Accountable, Lowering Gas Prices Through “All of the Above”

Energy Strategy, Cutting Taxes and Spending Score High in Survey

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Americans trust Republicans to do a better job to handle key issues such as the economy, inflation, and gas prices, charting a clear mandate to lessen burdensome regulations and put the country back on the right track, according to new research released today by The Congressional Institute.

The outlook for the country as a whole as reported in “America’s Views on Public Policy Proposals and Goals” has worsened from 32-60 right direction-wrong track at the end of May to 26-65, while President Biden’s job approval reached a new low (39-53 approve-disapprove). The polling also found that, while Democrats maintain their traditional hold on education and health care, the margins are narrowing, giving Republicans a chance to engage with and win over voters with proactive policies that will help make their lives better.

Last year, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy set up seven task forces whose purpose is to listen to fellow House Republicans and constituents for the purpose of forming a governing agenda should they be returned to the majority.

“This survey tests 45 policy solutions made by the Task Forces, and the results indicate that they must have listened carefully to their constituents as there is broad support for all of their recommendations and ideas,” said Congressional Institute President Mark Strand. “In particular, the survey shows the Republican Task Force recommendations are much more closely aligned to people’s needs and wants than progressive Democratic policies – and it’s not even close.”

Other key findings from the research include:

  • In terms of key themes that emerged in the survey, inflation was a priority, with energy, spending and taxes as policy components with the greatest connection to reducing inflation. Securing the supply chain and reducing dependence on Russia and China are concepts that received significant support across the board.
  • The most effective belief statements tended to be Republican statements, while the least believable statements tended to be Democratic statements. These included blaming inflation on the “Putin price hike”, that confronting climate change would reduce inflation, and that we should not be drilling for more oil and gas.
  • The concept of Congressional oversight was also well received across party lines, both as a belief statement and a proposal.
  • Overall, the most effective outcomes were to create a government that works for the people, reduce gas prices, and preserve our freedoms under the Constitution. The most effective proposals included lowering drug costs, strengthening the supply chain, stemming the trafficking of illegal guns, conducting Congressional oversight, providing greater privacy and data security protections, ending dependence on China for critical supplies, securing the electrical power grid, and pursuing policies to enhance our economic security.
  • Hispanic voters were strongly supportive of Republican recommendations that support police and reduce crime in neighborhoods and preserve our freedoms under the constitution.

“This new research sends a clear and unmistakable message to House Republicans that the policies they have long fought for and the plans they intend to enact in the next Congress when they hold the majority resonate with Americans,” Strand said. “The number one issue for voters is the economy, and the margin by which people do not trust President Biden and congressional Democrats continues to expand. Gas prices, inflation, and government spending are driving up costs while people are crying for relief from policies that seem to make those problems worse.”

Diving into specific issues shows that policies being pushed by Democrats in Congress not only are not resonating with voters, but that people believe enacting such policies would be more detrimental to the economy. This ties in with continued poor numbers for President Joe Biden’s performance with his approval rating sitting at a dismal 39 percent and 55 percent disapproving of his handling of the economy.

Democrats’ efforts to blame Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin for inflation are falling flat with 47 percent not believing that line of attack. Voters also believe that adding trillions of dollars in new spending will further harm the economy. What’s more, 50 percent believe that the shutdowns resulting from the pandemic caused inflation, and 58 percent believe that paying people to stay home rather than seeking work will result in more product shortages, small business closures, and rising prices.  

Progressives’ efforts to cancel student loan debt is also unpopular with voters with 43 percent believing that it would increase inflation.

Not surprisingly, high gas prices were prominent in voters’ minds with 53 percent believing the U.S. must maximize “everything” such as drilling, promoting nuclear energy and developing alternative sources to find solutions. The “all-of-the-above” energy strategy that Republicans have espoused for more than a decade does resonate with people with 52 percent believing that it will help lower gas prices and get the supply chain moving.

With Republicans poised to regain the majority in at least the U.S. House, voters want to see accountability for bureaucrats and Big Tech. The survey shows that 58 percent want Congress to exercise its constitutional authority of oversight of the Executive Branch. House Republicans’ plans to hold Big Tech accountable will find a welcome reception with 49 percent believing that the social media platforms censor the free speech and views of certain people and organizations.

What’s more, 59 percent believe that tax cuts for personal income will increase take-home pay and give people a fighting chance against cost-of-living increases.

The research was conducted by The Winston Group in an online, national survey of 1,000 voters from June 28 to June 30, 2022. The analysis report and survey toplines are available on The Congressional Institute’s website here.