According to new research sponsored by the Congressional Institute, Americans support alternative forms of energy, but they do not believe that efforts to shift the economy to a “green” agenda that eschews fossil fuels entirely is the right move. In fact, 59 percent believe that an energy policy that incorporates a wide range of technologies from fossil fuels to green energy will increase energy production in America to lower gas prices and make us less reliant on adversaries like Russia and China. The same percentage (59 percent) believe that increasing domestic energy production will reduce inflation. An almost same percentage (58 percent) believe that, by making domestic energy cleaner, more affordable, and more accessible, we can reduce emissions around the world without killing jobs or increasing costs for the American people.

It’s also important to see what people did not believe: 

  • The “Putin price hike” is the main cause of inflation;
  • Implementing policies to deal with climate change will reduce inflation;
  • And we should not be drilling for more oil and gas.

Those three statements reflect policies that the White House and its allies have promoted, and they do not resonate with the American people. 

Download the report one-pager on Energy here!

Check out the House Republican Task Force on Energy, Climate, and Conservation here. You can read the Task Force’s Policy Framework to Unlock American Resources here.