New Research by the Congressional Institute shows that serious proposals to curb runaway government spending resonated with most Americans, although conservative Independents and Republicans felt most strongly about this issue. People believe getting a handle on current spending and refraining from new spending will help tame inflation. 

Nearly 60 percent believe that new policies that add trillions of dollars above current spending levels will cause more inflation. And 56 percent believe that proposing new, higher taxes will hurt economic growth. 

What’s more, 59 percent believe that personal income tax cuts would increase take-home pay and fight cost of living increases.

The concept of Congressional oversight was well received across party lines. A full 59 percent believe that Congress should have more oversight of federal government agencies to hold government bureaucrats accountable. People also want Congress to reclaim its constitutional authority of oversight, particularly into how tax dollars are being spent. Proposals to root out corruption and abuse of power are important to a wide swatch of political identities, such as Independents, suburban residents, Hispanics, and those who consider themselves likely to vote.

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