Employment Opportunities 

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Internship Opportunities

Internship Qualifications

The focus of the Congressional Institute is on policy development and strategic planning within Congress. The Institute can accommodate interns each semester and each summer who have good writing and communications skills and an interest in legislative and public policy issues. A Political Science, History, Social Science, Philosophy, American Studies, Communications, English, or Computer Science background is helpful. Macintosh computer experience is preferred. Knowledge of the Web, both its research capabilities and web site design, is important.

Project description

Interns will be required to:

*Work on content and design of the Institute’s Web pages including www.CongInst.org

*Research various public policy issues of particular concern to the U.S. Congress, utilizing such resources as the World Wide Web, the Library of Congress, publications from established think tanks and speech and debate transcripts from Institute-sponsored events.

*Help organize seminars that allow Members of Congress, congressional staff and business leaders access to such research.

*Edit transcripts, perform database entry and carry out routine office tasks.

Application Process

Send your completed application, your resume, a writing sample, and two letters of recommendation or list of references to:

The Congressional Institute
1700 Diagonal Road, #730 
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 837-8812
FAX: (703) 837-8817

Or send an e-mail to: info@conginst.org

Click here for a printable Internship Application.