The Congressional Institute’s Legislative Resources page provides an easy-to-navigate resource center for the public on Congress’ activities and operations.

We invite you to explore the numerous Internet sources on this page in the following areas:

* Making Laws: Guides to the Legislative Process
Information in various levels of detail on House and Senate procedures for introducing, debating and voting on legislation, as well as useful glossaries defining key legislative terms.

* Today in Congress
A variety of sources for monitoring the activity of the House and Senate in the present day and week.

* Member Contact Information
Congressional links to the Web sites of Representatives and Senators, either listed alphabetically or searchable by State.

* Congressional Leadership
Listings and descriptions of leadership offices for both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate, along with biographical information on the leaders and links to leadership office Web sites.

* Congressional Committees
Descriptions of the jurisdiction of each “standing committee” in the House and Senate, explanations of the types of committees in each house, links to committee Web sites and daily schedules of committee hearings and markups.

* Officers of the House and Senate
Summaries of the functions and responsibilities of the Clerk, Sergeant at Arms, Chief Administrative Officer, Chaplain, etc. in both the House and the Senate.

C-SPAN is a private, nonprofit business created in 1979 by America’s cable television industry. It broadcasts both House and Senate proceedings as well as other government related programming.

Congressional Support Agencies

Please visit the Congressional Support Agencies page of our website for links to other organizations and agencies helpful for research on Congress.