Senate Minority Leader
The Senate Minority Leader, more commonly referred to as the “Republican Leader,” serves as the senior official for Senate Republicans and is selected by a vote of the Republican Conference. As leader of the minority party in the Senate, the Republican Leader works with the Republican Conference to set the Republican agenda, message, and strategy. From time to time, the Republican Leader appoints Republican members to task forces and also has statutory responsibilities to fill positions on Commissions.

Website for the Senate Republicans
Website for the Senate Republican Leader: Senator Mitch McConnell

Senate Assistant Republican Floor Leader
The responsibility of the Assistant Republican Floor Leader is to assist the Republican Leader in the coordination of Senate Floor activities. The Assistant Republican Floor Leader is also the Republican Whip and is the second ranking leadership position for the majority party. The Republican Whip is selected by a vote of the Republican Conference. The responsibilities of the Republican Whip, who is assisted by a Deputy Whip, principally consist of counting votes and persuading Members to support the Republican Conference’s position on votes.

Website for the Assistant Minority Leader: Senator John Thune
Website for the Minority Chief Deputy Whip: Senator Mike Crapo

Senate Republican Conference Chairman
The Senate Republican Conference Chairman is the third ranking leadership position for the majority party. The Senate Republican Conference is the formal organization of the Republican Senators and its chairman is elected by his or her Republican Senate colleagues. Over the last century, the mission of the Conference has expanded and been shaped as a means of informing the media of the opinions and activities of Senate Republicans. Today the Senate Republican Conference assists Republican Senators by providing a full range of communications services including graphics, radio, television, and digital.

Website for the Senate Republican Conference
Website for the Conference Chairman: Senator John Barrasso
Website for the Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairman: Senator Joni Ernst

Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman
The Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee assists all Senate Leaders and Ranking Committee Members in designing, developing and executing policy ideas within the Senate.

Website for the Senate Republican Policy Committee
Website for the Chairman: Senator Roy Blunt

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman

The Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) oversees the political committee of Senate Republicans which is not funded by tax dollars nor located in the Congressional complex.

Website for the National Republican Senatorial Committee
Website for the NRSC Chairman: Senator Rick Scott

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